Control Terminal
Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
This terminal is used for controling and debugging the server and the nodes of cluster.
Switch performs easy get access to a necessary node which is controlled by the terminal.
Cables of the Terminal
VGA and PS/2 cables
Cables are used to connect the server and switches to the control terminal.
Local network of URCRM
Server is connected to the local network of URCRM and users can run
and control the executing of a computational program
with the help of Telnet or X-Windows system.
Fast Ethernet cables
Twisted-pair cable, category 5
Nodes of cluster and the server exchange data with the help of a Fast Ethernet network.
This cables are used for data transfer.
Fast Ethernet Switch
Intel Express 520T Switch
Fast Ethernet network provides transfer of data from nodes to server and vice versa.
Switch is a necessary part of a network equipment.
Dual Intel P3-1.2Ghz, Ultra160 SCSII, Linux (Debian)
Disklees nodes of cluster use the server for booting an operational system.
Moreover, server-side code for a parallel tasks controls computing in the nodes.
Terminal switch (primary)
Maxxtro CPU Switch CAS-431
Terminal switch allows the connection of 4 computers into one terminal (monitor, keyboard, mouse)
and switching between them. Secondary terminal switches, server and the control terminal
are connected to this switch.
Terminal switch (secondary) - 3 unit
Maxxtro Manual Switch VKMS4
Terminal switch is used for checking out of the cluster and allows easy switching
between nodes for obtaing access to them with the help a control terminal.
In this case, few nodes are connected to each switch, and a primary terminal
is attached as a control terminal.
Node of cluster - 11 unit
Dual Intel P3-1.2Ghz, diskless, Linux (Debian)
Each node is connected to the server with the help of Fast Ethernet network. Nodes are the
diskless linux workstations and operational system loads from the server.



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Cluster contains
  Total count of CPU:


MotherboardTyan Tiger 230T (Dual FC-PGA2, VIA Apollo Pro133T)
CPUIntel Pentium 3 1266EB (FSB:133Mhz, L2 Cache:512Kb)×2
RAMMicron PC133 SDRAM 256Mb
NICIntel Pro/100S Server Adapter
CaseInWin A500 (250W, ATX)

MotherboardSupermicro P3TDL3 (Dual FC-PGA2, Serverworks Serverset III LE, 10/100 Ethernet, Ultra160 SCSII)
CPUIntel Pentium 3 1266EB (FSB:133Mhz, L2 Cache:512Kb)×2
RAMMicron PC133 SDRAM 256Mb×2
NICIntel PRO/100 S Server Adapter
CaseInWin A508-I (300W, ATX)
HDDFujitsu MAN3367MP (Ultra160 SCSII, 36Gb, 10000 rpm, 8Mb Cache)
CD-ROMAsus S500/A (50x)
FDDNEC FDD 3.5"/1.44Mb

Network SwitchIntel Express 520T Switch (12-port 10/100 Ethernet)
UPSAPC Smart-UPS 2200 NET (1600VA)×2
Terminal SwitchMaxxtro Manual Switch VKMS4×3
Terminal SwitchMaxxtro CPU Switch CAS-431
VGA CablesVGA Cable for Terminal Switch×16
PS/2 CablesPS/2 Cable for Terminal Switch×16
UTP PatchcordGembird UTP patchcord (5 level, length 3m)×16


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