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(1 Mar 2000)
MCNP4C was released 29 February 2000
and was sent to the RSICC for distribution.

The principal new MCNP4C features are:

* Unresolved resonance range probability tables;
* Alpha eigenvalue search;
* Perturbation enhancements;
* Superimposed importance meshes;
* Macrobodies;
* PC enhancements;
* ENDF/B-VI improvements;
* Electron physics enhancements;
* Parallel enhancements;
* Delayed neutrons;
* Cumulative tallies.

Macrobodies are body surfaces such as BOX, RPP, SPH, RCC, RHP, HEX that mimic the combinatorial geometry of other codes such as the Integrated Tiger Series. They can be used in combination with regular MCNP surfaces to greatly simplify geometry specification.

Superimposed importance meshes enable you to describe a geometry without having to subdivide the geometry for variance reduction; variance reduction is done on the superimposed mesh.

PC enhancements include Lahey FORTRAN90 and DEC Visual Fortran 90 with XLIB graphics.


CLASSES - (new workshop added)

YEAR 2000:
April 10-14 Advanced MCNP Topics Imperial College, London, UK
May 11 MCNP4C Workshop Pittsburgh, PA, USA
May 23-26 Introduction to MCNP Los Alamos, NM, USA
July 3-7 Introduction to MCNP University of Stuttgart, Germany
September 12-15 Introduction to MCNP Richland, Washington, USA
September 11-15 MCNP Topics Tokyo, Japan
October 9-12 MCNP and Visual Editor Richland, Washington, USA

For European courses, contact Enrico Sartori
For Japan course, contact Judi Briesmeister
For US courses, contact Bill Hamilton
For Visual Editor courses, contact Randy Schwarz


+ SABRINA - geometry visualization
+ BodyBuilder - human fantom generator program
+ VisEd - visual editor for geom construction


+ Spectrum 2000 - International Conference on Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Management,
    Chattanooga, TN, USA {Sept 24-28, 2000}
+ Monte Carlo 2000 - Advanced Monte Carlo for Radiation Physics, Particle Transport Simulation and Applications
    Lisbon, Portugal {Oct 23-26, 2000}
+ TM-MeRPE 2000 - Topical Meeting on "Medical Radiation Physics and Engineering",
    Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, PORTUGAL {Nov 20-22, 2000}
+ ICRS9 - 9th International Conference on Radiation Shielding,
    Tsukuba Convention Center, Tsukuba, Japan {Nov 17-22, 1999}


* MCNP Directory - MCNP Official Home Page at LANL [Los Alamos, NM, USA]
* RSICC - Radiation Safety Information Computational Center [Oak Ridge, TN, USA]
* OECD/NEA - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development / Nuclear Energy Agency [Paris, France]
* VisEd - Visual Editor for MCNP [PNNL, USA]
* MCNP-FORUM - Mailing List Archive [KAIST, Korea]
* UK MCNEG - [KAIST, Korea]

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