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* Reconstruction of Radiation Doses
* Radiation dosimetry
* Risk assessment


* Moscow State University, Russia, 1976 M.S. (Biophysics)
* Moscow Biophysics Institute, Russia, 1990 Ph.D. (Radiation Protection)


since 1991HEAD of Biophysics Lab, URCRM
1987-1990scientist of Clinical Dept, URCRM
1986visiting scientist, Mogilyov, Belorus (Chernobyl accident)
1976-1986junior scientist of Physics Lab, URCRM


  • International Science Foundation (ISF) Grant No NM5000 "Studies of Strontium Metabolism in Humans" 1994-1995
  • Russian-US Joint Coordinating Committee on Radiation Effects Research (JCCRER) Project 1.1 "Dose Reconstruction for the Urals Population" 1995-1996 (Feasibility study)
  • Russian-US Joint Coordinating Committee on Radiation Effects Research (JCCRER) Project 1.1 "Development of an Improved Dose Reconstruction System for the General Population Affected by the Operation of the Mayak Production Association" 1997-2000 (Long-term study)
  • INCO-COPERNICUS Project No CT-960305 "Dose Reconstruction for Workers of Mayak and for the Techa Riverside Residents" 1997-1999
  • INCO-COPERNICUS Project No CT-960309 "Reconstruction of Internal Doses from Long-living Radionuclides Following a Large-scale Radiation Accident" 1997-1999
  • INCO-COPERNICUS Project No CT-960312 "Cancer Risk among Individuals Exposed to Ionising Radiation in the New Independent States Focusing on Methodological Considerations and Developments" 1997-1999
  • International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) Project 509 "Retrospective Dosimetry for Occupation and Environmental Exposure" 1999-2000


The author and co-author of over 70 scientific papers and technical reports related to the dose assessment and biological effects of radiation. Among them:

  • Degteva M.O. Environmental Dose Reconstruction for the Urals Population. Proceedings of the Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, April 12-13, 1995, Arlington, VA, p. 155-170
  • Degteva M.O., Kozheurov V.P., Vorobiova M.I. General Approach to Dose Reconstruction in the Population Exposed as a Result of the Release of Radioactive Wastes into the Techa River. The Science of the Total Environment 1994, Vol. 142, p. 49-62
  • Degteva M.O., Kozheurov V.P., Tolstykh E.I, Kovtun A.N. The Measuring and Modelling of Strontium-90: an Integrated Retrospective Dosimetry Issue. IRPA9: 1996 International Congress on Radiation Protection. Vienna, Austria, April 14-19, 1996. Vol. 1, p. 417-424
  • Degteva M.O. and Kozheurov VP. Age-dependent Model for Strontium Retention in Human Bone. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 1994, Vol. 53, p. 229-234
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  • Degteva M.O., Drozhko E.G., Anspaugh L.S., Napier B.A., Bouville A., and Miller C.W. Dose Reconstruction for the Urals population. Joint Coordinating Committee on radiation Effects Research. Project 1.1-Final Report, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, Rept. UCRL-ID-123713, 1996
  • Degteva M.O., Kozheurov V.P., Vorobiova M.I., Burmistrov D.S., Khokhryakov V.V., Suslova K.G., Anspaugh L.S., Napier B.A., Bouville A. Population Exposure Dose Reconstruction for the Urals Region. Assessing Health and Environmental Risks from Long-term Radiation Contamination in Chelyabinsk, Russia: Proceedings from the 1996 AAAS Annual Meeting Symposium 12 February 1996, Baltimore, MD, p. 21-33
  • Degteva M.O., Kozheurov V.P., Tolstykh E.I. Retrospective Dosimetry Related to Chronic Environmental Exposure. Radiation Protection dosimetry 1998, Vol. 79 (1-4), p. 155-160
  • Bugrov N.G., Goksu H.Y., Haskell E., Degteva M.O., Meckbach R., Jacob P. Issues in the Reconstruction of Environmental Doses on the Basis of Thermoluminescence Measurements in the Techa Riverside. Health Physics 1998, Vol. 75 (6), p. 574-583
  • Kozheurov V.P., Degteva M.O. Dietary Intake Evaluation and Dosimetric Modelling for the Techa River Residents Based on in vivo Measurements of Strontium-90 in Teeth and Skeleton. The Science of the Total Environment 1994, Vol. 142, p. 63-72
  • Kossenko M.M., Degteva M.O. Cancer Mortality and Radiation Risk Evaluation for the Techa River Population. The Science of the Total Environment 1994, Vol. 142, p. 73-90
  • Kossenko M.M., Degteva M.O., Petrushova N.A. Leukemia Risk Estimate to Those Exposed as a Result of Nuclear Incidents in the Southern Urals. The PSR Quarterly, December 1992 Vol. 2 No 4, p. 187-197
  • Kossenko M.M., Degteva M.O., Vyushkova O.V., Preston D.L., Mabuchi K., Kozheurov V.P. Issues in the Comparison of Risk Estimates for the Population in the Techa River Region and Atomic Bomb Survivors. Radiat. Res. 1997, Vol. 148, No 1, p. 54-63
  • Kossenko M.M., Akleyev A.A., Degteva M.O., Kozheurov V.P., Degtyaryova R.G. Analysis of Chronic Radiation Sickness Cases in the Population of the Southern Urals. AFRRI Contract Report CR 94-1, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 1994
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  • Tolstykh E.I., Kozheurov V.P., Vyushkova O.V., Degteva M.O. Analysis of Strontium Metabolism in Humans on the Basis of the Techa River Data. Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, 1997, Vol. 36, p. 25-29
  • Tostykh E.I., Degteva M.O., Kozheurov V.P., Burmistrov D.S. Strontium Transfer from Maternal Skeleton to the Fetus Estimated on the Basis of the Techa River Data. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 1998, Vol. 79 (1-4), p. 307-310
  • Vorobiova M.I., Degteva M.O., Burmistrov D.S., Safronova N.G, Kozheurov V.P., Anspaugh L.R., Napier B.A. Review of Historical Monitoring Data on the Techa River Contamination. Health Physics 1999, Vol. 76(6), p. 605-618
  • Vorobiova M.I., Degteva M.O. Simple Model for the Reconstruction of Radionuclide Concentrations and Radiation Exposures along the Techa River .Health Physics, 1999 Vol. 77(2), p. 142-149
  • Wieser A., Romanyukha A.A., Degteva M.O. et al. Tooth Enamel as a Natural Beta Dosemeter for Bone Seeking Radionuclides. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 1996, Vol. 65, Nos. 1-4, p. 413-416


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